We at Mercury, offer a wide range of solutions, right from Corporate Information Management to Virtual Data Centre. We take pride in providing solutions to the various challenges posed by our clients.  

Retail Point Of Sale Intelligence Solution (POSA)
LifeSciences Research & Development Solution
Operational Business Management Solution (OBM)
Corporate Information Management (CIM)
Asset tracking Logistics (ATL)
Supply Chain Logistics (SCL)
Mobile Content Management (MCM)
Loss Prevention Analytics (LPA)
Unstructured Data Applications (UDA)

Asset tracking Logistics (ATL)


Mercury's ATL solution is aimed at industry verticals such as Shipping, Logistics, Retail, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals etc. Conceptually Mercury's integrated BI Suite sits on top of the RFID enabled warehouse management systems

The core components of the solutions include the following:

1. WIFI enabled Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) readers

2. RFID Tags

3. Database that captures the information

4. Middle Tier for data transfer

5. Application and Data abstraction Layer

6. Dashboard, Adhoc Reporting, Alerts

The Shipping and Logistics industry is the primary target for this solution initially because of Mercury's relationships within the industry. Mercury aims to leverage successes within this vertical and repeat the same solution across other industries like Pharmaceuticals, Retail & Health Care.

The objective of this solution is to help shipping companies and ports operate reliably, efficiently and highest productivity. Key benefits realized by solution include -

1. Gate trouble transaction reduction to 3% or less

2. Average Truck turn times down by 10% per call

3. Elimination of Terminal Gate queues

4. Real Time, measurable data trail created for truck and container movements through terminal

5. Staff relocated from truck gates and container yard

6. Increased Productive working conditions for RTG operators

A streamlined business processes adds to the company's bottom line by reducing operational costs while attracting newer customers because of its efficiency which adds shareholder value. 

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